Decisions, Decisions: A Fabric Change

 Our yellow Saarinen Womb Chair that once sat perfectly in our Cambridge house now looks awkward among our California color palette of blues, greens and pinks.  In order for one of our favorite chairs to "fit in", a fabric change is in order.  Starting off with a handful of fabric samples to consider, we narrowed our choice to three favorites.  Take a look at the contenders:

Which one do you think made the cut?  (No pun intended).

1.  Vibrant blue that brings out the cool tones in the rug.

2.  Bold pink to provide a little funk and a pop of color.


3. Dusty rose to complement the brickwork.

Orange: (May Be)The New Yellow

Orange just may become the new yellow.  My obsession with yellow (right down to a tire swing) was on target for our house in Cambridge.  It worked perfectly as an accent color to offset a monochromatic scheme,  but I'm not feeling it for our California home.  In our next abode, I'm looking forward to exploring new colors and styles, and as of late, orange seems to be catching my eye.  Here are a few inspiring images from Pinterest:

three layer chiffon dress , funky comfy sofa, groovy stools, tangier pillow

Room Inspiration Part 2: Monkey Wallpaper

Originally, this De Gournay monkey wallpaper adorned a dining room in my last Room Inspiration.  It now decorates a teen's bedroom, one with an eye for color and slightly overbearing,  design obsessed parents (who could that be?).  Hung on one wall, behind the bed, this colorful wallpaper creates a whimsical and glamorous setting.  By mixing modern and traditional pieces, the space becomes both classic and current. Take a look:

The Gigi nightstand provides great hideaway storage and a big pop of color.

Blu Dot's full size Nook bed adds a modern touch to the room.

Satellite rug: CB2

The Edland dresser from Ikea has a more traditional  look offsetting the ultra modern bed.

A cluster of West Elm industrial pendants hung in the center of the room replicate the wallpaper's color scheme.

Need I say more......everything old is new again.

Philippe Starck's Bo Chair 

Ok, now that you've seen the monkey wallpaper used in two very different settings tell me which one you like best.  Click here to see the dining room.

Can't wait to see your picks!

Color Obsession: Yellow

gardenia You 're familiar with my obsession with yellow from a previous 'Til Monday post.  Only recently have I come to know another blogger shares my obsession:  Jessica, from   Black. White. Yellow.  Her blog features accessories and spaces that combine our favorite colors.  Her site is a feast for my eyes.

Having one predominant accent color in the home unifies spaces making them flow into each other seamlessly.  My tiny home is carefully accented with the color yellow so as to not overdo it and also, because who knows what color mood will strike me next?

I put together a collection of my favorite yellow interiors and mixed in photos of my own yellow touches.

Above image:  Black. White. Yellow

Above image:  Decordir

Above image:  Handycrafunique.

Above image: Laura Casey

What color are YOU obsessed with?

‘Til Monday

For those of you who know me, you know I love yellow, at least in our current house.   When we decided to hang a tire swing it was actually my husband who bought a yellow one, not me.  How sweet.  I do have to confess that I was appalled by the bright blue rope that the arborist used to hang it with.  I didn't have the heart to send him away to get a black one. So the blue rope remains, as does the yellow swing.  I can’t imagine our yard with out it.  Moral of the story...Some things are just not worth worrying about.  Have a great weekend.