Moving Mode: Another Look At Our California House

Now that all the real-estate hoopla is over and we're under contract with a scheduled closing, I can really begin thinking about what to do in our 'new' California home.   Although its architecture is interesting complete with a functional floor plan that easily flows from one space to the next, the brick walls, concrete floors and drop ceilings pose quite a design challenge.  A part of me wants to lighten the floors and paint the walls, brick and all.  However, because it's the same brick as the one on the exterior of the house,  maintaining a degree of cohesiveness will stay true to the time period it was built.  I often tell clients to "live" in their space before making any major changes to it.  It is my turn to practice what I preach, and I only hope that I can be patient enough to do it.  In either case, I'm very excited to work in the garden  (front and back).  Take a look below at the back of the house and click here for a mini tour of its front: