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c1c34a80e171b6e5eedee92603318a1c There's an elegance and sophistication associated with the color black.  We recognize its dramatic effects on fashion, interiors and exteriors alike, home accessories and even in gift wrapping.  Black lends a dramatic, classic look to almost anything.  Art, knick-knacks, books and botanicals stand out against its rich depth, giving any space a contrasting, edgy feel.  Even simple recipes can appear more interesting when served on a dark plate.  I think I need to find an area in our house where black would feel at home.

Take a look at a few of my favorite 'noir' looks:  6ac11ab0827fbdf4b44874724e2650d2

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Color Preference: 9 Vibrant Interiors

When it comes to color, my preferences are most often earthy tones.  I like them best layered with patterns and mixed textures, but as of late I also find nature inspired colors very appealing.  When combined with  leather, metal and modern furnishings the statement that these hues provide is right up my stylist alley.  Here are a few examples of my type of colorful interiors where the application and hue are perfectly suited for each other.  From furnishings, floor to ceiling walls, to trims and ceilings, the refined use of color can make a big impact on your space.  Take a look:

Are you a lover of color?  If so, is it all out there or tamed like mine?

For more color inspirations follow my "For Color Inspiration" Pinboard here.  For color consultations and advice please contact me at debra@cocoonhome.com

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