Life Happens

In a previous "Life Happens" post, I expressed my thoughts (in a somewhat dour way) on the of effects of time on me, our children and my parents.   On the flip side, as time continues to pass, our kids are maturing into very distinct individuals and each one is SO enjoyable.  In the photos recently taken in Big Sur, one can get a sense of the unique personalities captured by my camera.

I'm looking forward to a slow summer in their very entertaining company.



Here's to many happy and safe life happenings this summer!

Update: Knowing A Little About A Lot Or.....

My attempt at honing one single avocation has been complicated by a series of requests.  Since I posted this a few weeks ago , I've embarked on an exciting design project, been commissioned to create several botanical arrangements and hired for my first [professional] photography session.  It's as though the energy I devoted into sharing my insecurities over knowing a little about a lot transformed into wonderful opportunities.  I haven't yet decided which area I'd like to focus on because they're all exciting and each one is challenging me to deepen my knowledge within it.  Maybe I'm destined to be a jack of "some" trades?!?

Have you ever put your energies into something mentally to have them become tangible in some way?

I also want to thank the readers that reached out to me privately to share their thoughts on what they do, their personal struggles and the dreams they have for their future.  May they all realize.

A Little About A Lot Or A Lot About A Little

I've always dabbled in many things at any given time.  Currently, photography, blogging, yoga and horticulture (the longest standing of them all) are my primary interests.  Lately, however, I've been feeling the need to hone in on ONE of them and take it to the next level.  I've never really applied myself entirely to one avocation and  I regret not having done so.  This could be due to my personality or the fact I've not found the "it" thing to devote most of my time to yet.  I'm hoping that this post will encourage me to focus on ONE thing.  I've compiled a list of what I hope to accomplish within each area of interest.  The difficulty will lie in picking the right one in the right order.

1. Photography:  Learn the mechanics of my camera and study techniques for taking better photographs.

2.  Horticulture :  Sharpen my knowledge of plants and learn to draw landscape plans.

3.  Blogging:  Get more computer savvy with Wordpress and Photoshop.

4.  Yoga:  Take a certificate class (not neccessarily to become an instructor, but to heighten my individual practice).

Stay tuned for more on my personal and professional journeys.

Is there something in your life you'd like to take to the next level? If so, do share...