Update: Knowing A Little About A Lot Or.....

My attempt at honing one single avocation has been complicated by a series of requests.  Since I posted this a few weeks ago , I've embarked on an exciting design project, been commissioned to create several botanical arrangements and hired for my first [professional] photography session.  It's as though the energy I devoted into sharing my insecurities over knowing a little about a lot transformed into wonderful opportunities.  I haven't yet decided which area I'd like to focus on because they're all exciting and each one is challenging me to deepen my knowledge within it.  Maybe I'm destined to be a jack of "some" trades?!?

Have you ever put your energies into something mentally to have them become tangible in some way?

I also want to thank the readers that reached out to me privately to share their thoughts on what they do, their personal struggles and the dreams they have for their future.  May they all realize.