Life Happens

I just returned from an impromptu trip back east to visit my father who wasn't feeling well at all.  I’m relieved to say he's doing much better, but this sudden visit left me with the realization of just how quickly life tends to happen.  The night my dad returned home from the hospital I looked through our old family albums.  With a great deal of joy and a bit of sorrow, I turned the pages to see my parents, my sisters and me, younger, healthier and together.  Images of family vacations, birthday parties and holiday celebrations filled my senses with memories of unmistakable images of 70's decor, full heads of hair and even footed adult PJ’s --all signs of the times.  During my stay, I even witnessed the fast pace of life by my nieces' reluctant attitude to spend time with me now that they are engrossed in boyfriends, driving permits and just being normal teens.  The effects of time manifested themselves in many ways during this visit.  I am working on accepting them as I prepare for more like them in the future.

I’m very grateful for having travelled back home on such short notice, and by doing this, visiting the present and the past all in one.

Wishing you all a great weekend, one that's filled with family, friends and, hopefully, slower moments to savor and cherish.