Before & After: A Guest Bedroom's Quick Fix

In the coming months we're expecting quite a few visitors, so I decided to revamp our guest bedroom suite. Utilizing items that we've owned for many years, I put together a space that looks familiar yet feels completely new.  Staying true to my love of neutrals the room is a medley of earthy tones, textures and patterns.  Not a penny spent, just time rummaging through the house for things to repurpose.

Here are the details:  a pair of Ming dynasty chairs that were once desk chairs now act as bedside tables, art found at a yard sale 12 years ago turns the headboard into a focal statement,  existing bedding and pillows help layer a cozy bed look, the sisal area rug is a remnant from our redone office area and lamps that were once sold at Cocoon (our store) provide adequate light to read by.  Lastly, a feng shui botanical touch and some bedtime reading for our guests.

Take a look at the before and after process that took [literally] one single afternoon:

Below is snapshot of our Belmont, Ma., apartment circa 2005.   The lights and art were right at home even then.   While it's nice to decorate with brand new items, I really enjoy repurposing what we already own and then accessorize as needed.  The guest bedroom suite will someday undergo a complete makeover, but I'm sure that some of the pieces you see now will still show up somewhere in the house...

Cocoon Home Design can help you achieve an updated, stylized look with preowned items.  It's all about featuring favorite things in a brand new light.  Contact me at:

Botanical Inspiration: Paula Hayes' Exhibit at the Lever House.

Last weekend I had the opportunity to view an installation by botanical artist Paula Hayes at the Lever House in NYC.  Her work, *Land Mind*, depicts environments that live at the intersection of landscape and imagination.   Along with a 15 foot cocoon terrarium,  an awesome aquarium designed by Paula was also on display.  Taking the shape and texture of her blown glass creations, the aquarium was built from a solid block of acrylic, hollowed out to house an array of saltwater fish and plants.  Take a look at how art, life and design coexist in Ms. Hayes' micro worlds:

So Pinteresting: Cocoon

Cocoon sweater designed by Nihan via: Asa Sture

Recently, while on Pinterest,  I decided to do a search on the word 'Cocoon' to see what would come up.  I found many interesting interpretations of the word.  Often, the word is used to describe how objects may look to us, and sometimes,  the word becomes a symbol for the feelings it evokes in us.  From clothing, to spaces and sculptures the word 'Cocoon' translates into many images and concepts.  Take a look at what I found:

Cocoon Fires via: Cocoon Home

Anthropologie cabled cocoon poncho via: Kathy Wallace

via:  Kerry McQuaid

Designer Hugo Franca's massive Cocoon.  via:  Cocoon Home

via Cassie Christie


Click here to listen to Cocoon via Coco.


Hush Pod via: BiSchutt

 What comes to mind when YOU hear the word 'Cocoon'?

The Way We Live: A Home Close To Home

The home I'm about to share with you is very dear to me for many reasons.  First and foremost, it's my mother-in law's place and also my children's favorite place to visit.  It offers a sense of familiarity, security and comfort.  Second, it's the way it's put together.   Without any fear of what may be considered right or wrong, Babik makes her home a total expression of who she is and the experiences she's made of.  Combining classic design, ethnic influences and her very own personal style makes this home truly a feast for one's eyes.  Welcome to The Way We Live:

The way we live should be an extension of ourselves:  a compilation of past experiences and future dreams.  Be ready to experience many other home made cocoons...