Before & After: A Guest Bedroom's Quick Fix

In the coming months we're expecting quite a few visitors, so I decided to revamp our guest bedroom suite. Utilizing items that we've owned for many years, I put together a space that looks familiar yet feels completely new.  Staying true to my love of neutrals the room is a medley of earthy tones, textures and patterns.  Not a penny spent, just time rummaging through the house for things to repurpose.

Here are the details:  a pair of Ming dynasty chairs that were once desk chairs now act as bedside tables, art found at a yard sale 12 years ago turns the headboard into a focal statement,  existing bedding and pillows help layer a cozy bed look, the sisal area rug is a remnant from our redone office area and lamps that were once sold at Cocoon (our store) provide adequate light to read by.  Lastly, a feng shui botanical touch and some bedtime reading for our guests.

Take a look at the before and after process that took [literally] one single afternoon:

Below is snapshot of our Belmont, Ma., apartment circa 2005.   The lights and art were right at home even then.   While it's nice to decorate with brand new items, I really enjoy repurposing what we already own and then accessorize as needed.  The guest bedroom suite will someday undergo a complete makeover, but I'm sure that some of the pieces you see now will still show up somewhere in the house...

Cocoon Home Design can help you achieve an updated, stylized look with preowned items.  It's all about featuring favorite things in a brand new light.  Contact me at:

Master Bedroom Update: Before And After

Recently, Alex and the kids surprised me with the Society pillowcases I've been obsessing over.  Now that the bed is fully dressed again, it became clear why.  Their color and pattern perfectly balance the texture and tone of the brick wall behind our bed.  Mixing high and low ends of the spectrum, sheets from Ikea and a linen duvet from Coyuchi completed the new look.  I also replaced the chrome based bedside lamps with oversized brass and green ones I found at a consignment shop.   Take a look at the before and after bedding and the 'new' light fixtures and let me know what you think.  I'm still on the fence about the lamps and I badly need your input..



Room Inspiration: A Master Bedroom "With Child"

Whether it's due to space restrictions or parenting preferences, many expecting parents choose to have their newborn(s) share a bedroom with them.  For those who crave order and/or good design, creating such a space can be a challenge.  Nowadays, however,  with so many beautifully designed cribs, aesthetics no longer need to be overlooked.  I recently put together this Room Inspiration for a couple expecting their second child.  Using warm-tone woods, brass accents and softly hued patterns the room will remain true to their personal style and transition smoothly back to its original state when the baby is ready for his/her own space.

If your home or apartment is in need of some Room Inspiration email me at:  With a few conversations, photos and ideas, Cocoon Home can help create a room that will fit both your budget and functionality without sacrificing style.


Room Elements:   Bed, Crib, Dresser, Rug, Chair, Night Table, and Lamp.


2 Bedrooom Inspirations: Which Is Your Favorite?