Match Maker: Random Rooms And Their Perfect Botanical Matches.

Botanical placement is as important as the layout of a space.  The shape, size and color of a vessel, as well as the type of plants selected for it, are an important extension of one's style.  Recently on Pinterest,  I noticed  that most of the room inspirations I pinned coordinated with botanical images  previously tagged.   Take a look at a few of my favorite matches:

If your spaces crave a much needed botanical lift, Cocoon Home Design can definitely help.  We specialize in custom planters and botanical placements for both interior and exterior spaces that enhance one's everyday life.  Contact

7 "Of The Moment" Inspiring Rooms


Cocoon Home was recently commissioned to work on 2 very different spaces, one, a residential home and the other a professional business office.  Using Pinterest, I've been collecting images that I find inspiring for each client's space.  By introducing leather, interesting lighting and a few key mid-century pieces the office will take on a classic, yet stylish look.

With light flooring, walls and ceilings, the residential home will take on a Scandinavian look that is both family functional and chic.


Do these rooms inspire you to change things up?

images: 1/2/3/4/5/6/7

Obsessing Over: Beige Beauties

  I can't seem to get these items off my mind and for good reason.  Take a look:

1.  Sesame noodles for this weekend's menu.

2.  A cozy vintage Moroccan runner (on our house wish list).

2.  Anthropologie's suede moccasin wedges; this Fall's go-to shoe.

4. A sexy club chair (another item on the wish list).

5. An all beige room .  It works because of the mix of textures in neutral shades.

6.  An ice bucket for our new bar.

Are you obsessing over anything at the moment?

So Pinteresting: 7 Inspiring California Style Images

As we settle into the house, or shall I say, as the house settles into us, I'd like to share some inspiring images from my California Style Pinboard.  Some of our furniture and accessory pieces are falling into place quite nicely, while others are definitely not.  I realize that setting up house takes time and, surprisingly, I'm feeling quite patient about it (this house has that effect on me).   I promise to soon show you some of the rooms in the house that have already taken on a bit of that California Style I'm so fond of, but, in the meantime, feast your eyes on these:

The process may take longer than expected, but the vision I have for this house [that I already love], will take shape gradually and gratefully.

I hope you all join me on this exciting journey.