So Pinteresting: Cocoon

Cocoon sweater designed by Nihan via: Asa Sture

Recently, while on Pinterest,  I decided to do a search on the word 'Cocoon' to see what would come up.  I found many interesting interpretations of the word.  Often, the word is used to describe how objects may look to us, and sometimes,  the word becomes a symbol for the feelings it evokes in us.  From clothing, to spaces and sculptures the word 'Cocoon' translates into many images and concepts.  Take a look at what I found:

Cocoon Fires via: Cocoon Home

Anthropologie cabled cocoon poncho via: Kathy Wallace

via:  Kerry McQuaid

Designer Hugo Franca's massive Cocoon.  via:  Cocoon Home

via Cassie Christie


Click here to listen to Cocoon via Coco.


Hush Pod via: BiSchutt

 What comes to mind when YOU hear the word 'Cocoon'?