DIY Dreamcatcher Birthday Party

IMG_3473 The weekend before last, we celebrated Zoe's 7th birthday with a dream catching party.  Each of her friends strung beads and hung feathers to create her very own dream catcher.  With a bit a prep work you too can host a party like Zoe's.  Depending on the age of your guests, more or less preparation may be required.  I went ahead and prepared the rings by wrapping them in tape and weaving them with string.  Separately, I also took leather strips and cords, and with Zoe's and Natalia's help, strung one bead at the end of them (to secure the ones the guests would later choose).  Take a look below for the list of supplies and instructions on how to make it these creative party favors come to life:








5"metal ringsbrown floral tape, waxed thread, leather strip remnants, glass, ceramic and wood beadsassorted feathers and cording in assorted colors.

Instructions:  Prep the frame and strings.

1. Wrap each metal ring with floral tape.

2.  Weave the rings.  I followed this You Tube video.

3.  Prepare 5-7  leather strips and cording per guest and secured a bead on each end.  This way your guests can add beads and attach feathers without anything falling off.

Party Setting:


1.  Place one prepped ring at each seating.

2.  Drape an assortment of 5-7 beaded leather strips and/or cording next to the rings.

3.  Put a handful of asorted beads at each place setting.

4.  Place a mixture of feathers in cups or small vases along the length of your table.


5.  Have the children add beads and feathers to the beaded strings.  The feathers can be pushed inside the bead holes or secured with floral tape.

6.  Once the strands has been adorned, have your guests knot them onto the rings.

7.  Voila!!  And don't forget to explain how dreamcatchers came to be...


Zoe's Dream-Catching Birthday Party

IMG_3280 Our daughter Zoe celebrated her 7th birthday yesterday with a dreamcatcher party.  With a bit more prep work than I anticipated (more on that later this week), her friends strung beads and hung feathers to create their very own dreamcatchers to filter out bad dreams.  Take a look at yesterday's photos and stay tuned for details on how to host your own dreamcatcher party . zoey  psd







IMG_3307Happy Birthday Zoe!!!


Pod Art

I've been dying to show you what my mother-in-law has been up to in her studio as of late.  There have been a few sneak peeks both here and here, but now I can actually bring you the 'big reveal'.  Natalia's love of nature's bounty and passion for earthy adornments are artfully joined in one-of-a-kind wall hanging compositions. By combining seed pods, feathers, semi-precious stones and other natural foraged elements she creates unique representations of what she likes to call "Pod Art".  Take a look:

I love the way she mixes textures and colors and brings glamour to her pieces by using glass, semi-precious stones and metals. If you're interested in commissioning one of her original wall hangings, please email for details.

Cocoon Collective: Bold And Unique Jewelry Giveaway

I'm very excited to introduce  Cocoon Collective, a beautiful collection of necklaces created by Natalia Szidon of Cocoon Home Design.   Having always been drawn to bold, dramatic jewelry, Natalia decided to design her own with beads she collected in her travels through the years.  The pieces, both earthy and elegant, reflect her love for natural and organic elements.  They are meant to be the accessories one reaches for whenever stepping out in a favorite black dress or one's best fitting jeans.  I've included images of a few of my favorite designs, but please click here to view Cocoon Collective's Etsy shop.

Below you will find details on entering to win one of three giveaway necklaces.

Cocoon Collective Gift Giveaway


Enter to win one of the three necklaces below by leaving a comment on which one you like the most and why.  For an additional chance visit and "like" Cocoon Collective's Facebook page.  Giveaway contest deadline is Wednesday, December 21 at 6 am.

Good luck!!