Match Maker: Random Rooms And Their Botanical Matches

Botanical placement can be as important as the layout of a space.  The shape, size and color of a vessel, as well as the plant type selected for it, become reflections of one's style. On Pinterest, I often pin room inspirations and botanicals intentionally next to each other.  For me, it's second nature that a space needs plants to add life and interest to it. 

It's been some time since my first Match Maker post but after noticing my recent pinning pattern, I realized another one was in order.  I continually pin room inspirations that coordinate with botanical images.  It all makes sense to me, since the plants in a space are an extension of a room's decor.  Take a look at some of my recent matches and click here to view the previous one.   

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Botanical Inspiration: Plants Around The House

IMG_2984 The other day, while tending to the plethora of plants we have around the house, I thought it would be nice to share where they actually live.   Some of the places you find them may be considered a bit unexpected, such as in a bathroom,  in our children's spaces and even atop bookcases.  I began placing plants in the twins' room while decorating their nursery, and ever since then there's been a plant or two in their bedroom.  Today one sits by Max's turntable on his and Ben's nightstand.  Our home office would not be complete without a botanical touch, and the kitchen counter changes seasonally with cut branches or foliage.  Zoe's room often houses a delicate fern that softens the already sweet space. Take a look:





chinese cabinet


kitchenTo see my favorite indoor plant groupings and some ideas on how to create your own, click here.

What's your favorite plant spot?