This Time Last Year: The Biggest Littlest House Renovation Ever

This time last year, I took on the biggest littlest house renovation ever:  my childhood dollhouse.  Soon after transporting it home from my parents' house, "I'm A Giant Challenge" began and I got into it big time.  I decided to decorate it like our actual house, not even realizing that we would be moving out of it in 6 months time.  Recently, the kids noticed the dollhouse in the garage and were fondly reminded of their Cambridge home.  I've since taken the miniature house indoors and hope to continue working on it.  I sense that the rooms that were unfinished will take the look of our current California style. Below are  a few images of  the big rooms that inspired the small ones.

A Moving Mode note:  Since the move, our new house has always felt like home, not necessarily because of its contents,  but because as a family, we're a strong unit that's happy together regardless of our location.  During these last few weeks, however, California itself began feeling like home and I'm really excited to feel that way about it again.


The last I'M A GIANT update was inspired by a photo of our son Max (see below).  Featured on Apartment Therapy, Max chilling on the sofa in front of one of two wallpapered walls in our living area set the tone for this post.  I've had the paper reduced so the pattern is as close to scale as possible.  Take a look at the results:


There is still quite a bit work to be done on the dollhouse,  but for now I'll let it be and let our children enjoy it.  I promise to do my best not to rearrange their decorating schemes...

Good luck to all the GIANTS out there.  It's been fun following everyone's project!

I'M A GIANT Dollhouse Challenge Update: A Miniature Greenhouse

This may be one of many I'M A GIANT updates this week, but it may just be my favorite.  It's all about  a greenhouse that my father built [as an accessory to the dollhouse] for my sisters and me.   With etched plexi glass, a planting shelf and a wooden door, this little glass house is an exact replica of a true greenhouse.  I remember playing with it just as much, if not more, than with the 'main' house.  What I find so interesting is that to this day both of my sisters and I have a deep love for plants, so for this challenge I just had to use real vegetation along with an intimate and tranquil sitting area to relax and reflect in.  Take a look:

I'M A GIANT Dollhouse Challenge Update: Before and After Chair Obsessions

 While visiting my parents in New Jersey  I stopped in a doll house store and bought several pieces of furniture right out of their sale basket (most items were only a $1).  Take a look at two chairs I reupholstered.  One for the mix of the dining room table seating, the other for the room I need so badly right now, a home office.  I must confess the office chair almost sent me over the edge.  No more reupholstering for me on this little project.

While at my parents' house,  I scoured the basement for more dollhouse parts and found windows, a front porch and something I'm super excited to show week.  So, please stay posted for more I'M A GIANT updates.