This Time Last Year: The Biggest Littlest House Renovation Ever

This time last year, I took on the biggest littlest house renovation ever:  my childhood dollhouse.  Soon after transporting it home from my parents' house, "I'm A Giant Challenge" began and I got into it big time.  I decided to decorate it like our actual house, not even realizing that we would be moving out of it in 6 months time.  Recently, the kids noticed the dollhouse in the garage and were fondly reminded of their Cambridge home.  I've since taken the miniature house indoors and hope to continue working on it.  I sense that the rooms that were unfinished will take the look of our current California style. Below are  a few images of  the big rooms that inspired the small ones.

A Moving Mode note:  Since the move, our new house has always felt like home, not necessarily because of its contents,  but because as a family, we're a strong unit that's happy together regardless of our location.  During these last few weeks, however, California itself began feeling like home and I'm really excited to feel that way about it again.