'Til Monday: This is Big

We're moving to California!!  

For quite a while, I've pondered on how to gently break the news to my local readers and how to blog about it effectively to my global ones.   Finally, I decided to just come out and "say it".  This is big.  This is huge.  California has always been a favored place to live for my husband and me (having done so for 6 years when we were first married).  Its dramatic landscape, vegetation and overall diversity are unparalleled.  We're excited to share all of that with our children.  The next few months are going to be very challenging, as we prepare both physically and mentally for the move.  I get quite exhausted just thinking about it, and with the passing days, can't help but ponder about all we're leaving behind.  Massachusetts will always be my children's birthplace and the home base for some very solid friendships.  Hope ALL of you think of this move as a brand new adventure and stay tuned to it.  Dare I say that no one will be disappointed?