A Garden Reunion

 Over the weekend, my mother-in-law hosted a get together dinner/bbq for my visiting sister, her 4 children, and a dear family friend from NYC.  With a grand total of 7 kids and 5 adults her home became a hub of activity and for the first time since her move we all got to enjoy her outdoor space.  Like her home, the garden is a reflection of  her love for botanicals, with lots of personal touches and ethnic details.  Take a look:

Thank you, Natalia, for having ALL of us over for dinner on a lovely California evening.

7 Cool Outdoor Spaces And Tips On Creating Your Own

Outdoor spaces can expand your everyday living experience.  Creating one, whether it's large or small offers you extra square footage and the opportunity to enjoy the longer days of spring, summer and at times, fall.   We're in the process of creating an additional one like this in our front yard.  Can't wait to show you what we've done. Until then, here are a few tips on how to chisel out one of your very own:

For more ideas check out Cocoon's Botanical And Outdoor inspiration board on Pinterest.

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Crafty Spring


This past weekend, my daughter Zoe went to a lovely birthday party where fruits and tea were served and birds' nests were created.  My heart was in a puddle watching the kids construct these little bundles of wonder.  Take a look at a simple craft that celebrates the new season, rebirth and creativity.   The supplies were nearly gone by the time I realized I should have been photographing the process,  but I think you'll have enough info here to create your very own decorations.

Ingredients:  small brown bags, moss, bark, raffia, feathers, glue, paint brushes to apply the glue, model magic, little bowls and little hands.  Directions:  have the children crunch the bags, and glue the nesting materials onto them.

That same week I took a trip to Mahoney's Garden Center to get a spring "fix" and found the cutest ready-made seasonal decorations.  Take a look:

I'd love to use the mini tree houses as favors for a springtime party.  How would you utilize these decorations?  Always looking for new ideas...


Heavy Metal-Bronze

Today's post is the third in a series exploring how to incorporate metals, other than stainless steel, into your space with accessories, textiles and lighting.  Take a look at some bronze examples and check out the second Heavy Metal post on copper and the first Heavy Metal post on gold.

The contrasting bronze and chocolate damask pattern in the above wallpaper is both modern and retro.

Vintage bronze coffee table by Warren Platner for Knoll.

Finished in bold bronze on the outside and gold in the inside the Cyclone pendant has a hypnotic effect.

Textured bronze planters from Burke Decor look great grouped or alone.

Cast metal letters in bronze from Restoration Hardware are great accessories for walls or shelves.

My favorite.  Elena Colombo's nest of cast bronze branches.  A fire feature like no other.

I love the delicate and shapely forms of Eva Zeisel's bronze candlesticks.  I have just the right place for them....

Try adding some copper to your space.

Don't forget to check out Cocoon on Facebook and let me know what your favorite metal is.

The Almost House

This time last year, my husband and I were seriously considering a move to Kansas City.  We decided to stay put, but if we hadn't, this would have been THE house.  The French Normandy. I have no regrets, but at night when I can't sleep, I decorate it.  It truly is a beautiful house with history, personality and elegance.  Take a look.

There was a time when we were ready and willing to take chances.  With children, friends and family so dear to us, decisions need to be carefully thought out.  There will always be other doors of opportunity opening for us.  I do hope the house is occupied by a loving family that  appreciates good design.......Hope you all had a great week-end!!!