7 Beautiful Brass Sconces

Now that I've added brass accents to our soon completely renovated kitchen, I'm looking forward to integrating a few brassy accents to other areas of our home.  Since the  hallway that joins the bedrooms and bathrooms is visible from the kitchen,  it's logically the first place to focus on.  Currently, the chandelier sconces that worked rather nicely with our Cambridge home decor don't blend so well with our Mid-century Cali one, so I'm rather keen on replacing them quickly.  Here are 7 of my favorite fixtures for the corridor (some I like more than others).  Can you guess which one is at the top of my list?!?

1.  Galliano Wall Fixture Sconce, 2. Arteriors Home Maxim Light, 3.  Dwell Studio Devoe Sconce, 4.  Hinkley Margeaux Multi Bulb Wall Sconce, 5. Hudson Valley Lighting Walton 1 Wall Light, 6.  Bestlite's BL7 Wall Sconce, 7.  Rejuvenation Momo Single Sconce


7 Of The Moment Light Fixtures

I've been gathering lighting suggestions for a client on the East coast, and this is, by far, my favorite grouping.  Each fixture very different from the next, yet cohesive enough to make the illuminated rooms flow seamlessly into one another.  I'm hoping that several of the above make the final cut!

Entry:  Marcello Pendant ;  living room:  Modo Chandelier,  Galliano Wall Sconce, and the Melrose Floor Lamp;  dining room:  Astra Chandelier, Hans Agne Jakobsson Sconces;  bedroom:  Foscarini Lumiere sconces.

My favorite is the Marcello Pendant for the entrance hall.   Which one speaks to you?

Check out and follow my Pinterest Lighting Board for more great ideas.

It Has Arrived

Just a few days after publishing this post, the lamp of my dreams arrived.  It may not be an original Lou Blass but it's going to be perfect for our new kitchen. Now that summer has ended I can get back to working on the renovation.  I have two inspirational plans in mind one here and here and a third in the works each one includes this light fixture.  Stay posted for the third and possibly final iteration and a preview of how the kitchen looks now.  In the mean time take a look at the lamp that has inspired it all.

Can't Get Enough Of: Supernova

Lately, I can't get enough of  Lou Blass's Supernova Chandelier.  I'm finding myself Pinning images featuring this classic light or some like it over and over again.  There's something both edgy and elegant about it.  Take a look a few spaces that feature this work of art and a sculpture inspired by its 1972 design that can offer a similar effect without illumination.

 Global View's Boom Wall Sculptures make a cool textural statement hung in a cluster on a wall or a ceiling.

So, are you a fan of  urchin inspired lights and sculptures?

7 Ceiling Lamps: Which is your favorite?

While researching lighting options for a client, I couldn't help selecting a few of MY favorites.  Some are more extravagant than others in style and price but a girl can dream, can't she?  Take a look at 7 of my most recent light obsessions:


When considering ceiling lights, whether they be pendants or chandeliers it's important to take into account the shadows they may cast in your space.  In some cases you may want to opt for a smaller fixture knowing that its presence will expand when turned on, adding both light and a dose of dramatic shadow play.

To see more of my favorite lights click here and share your favorite with me.