The Way We Live: From The Back Bay To The East Bay (Part 2)

When my husband and I decided on the move to California, it was a given that his Mom would make that journey with us.  After spending several months with us, she found  a place of her own and created a space that we all call home.  By repurposing most of her belongings (from Boston and other places she lived in), she was able to capture a sense of familiarity and nostalgia, while at the same time she embraced a less formal West Coast style with lots of botanicals, brighter colors and a mix of interesting textures.  Take a look at shots of her California home below and click here to see her space in the Back Bay.

My mother-in-law's approach to decorating is very different from mine, but together we offer a unique balance of beauty and practicality.  We have worked together professionally for many years creating spaces for our design clients that both reflect their aesthetic preferences and our own individual styles.