Kitchen Update: And The Winner Is...

IMG_3886 We made the decision and the Kai Kristiansen chairs are here to stay!  Their angled legs and recessed backs complement the elegant base and brass finish of our Barbera table.  Not to mention the fact that they're uber comfortable and period appropriate for our home.  Now there's a clear balance between the kitchen's modern renovation and our home's authentic mid-century design.  Take a look: IMG_3884IMG_3881Up next is the table top and some [large art].   The dining area is taking a while to come together, wouldn't you agree?

Many thanks to the readers who expressed their opinions on the chairs.    I really enjoyed reading all the comments!



Kitchen Update: Before And After

We couldn't be more overjoyed with our renovated kitchen.  By carefully preserving our home's mid-century design and considering the modern day needs of a family of five, the newly created space is both functional and stylistically appropriate for that period.   To honor this 1953 home, we balanced the warmth of the redwood paneling that runs through the house with a cool bluish green color palette.  Texture via wall treatment and hardware tied in the organic materials used in the original construction, while brass lighting and pulls added elegance and timelessness to the renovated space.  Take a look at the before and after photos:


There are still a "few" missing pieces:  a table, chairs, new stools, area rugs and dishes.  Once they're selected, purchased and delivered, the space will be completely done.  Strangely enough, I'm not in a major rush to find these pieces, but I promise to keep you posted as I scout them out.

Here's the original "Room Inspiration" that triggered it all.  I love how things fall into place...

For sourcing information please inquire below in 'comments'.

Thank you all for following us along in this adventure.  Hope you enjoyed it as much as we did!

Kitchen Renovation: Part 5

Since my last Kitchen Renovation post, the new ceiling insulation has been installed and the wallboards have been hung, prepped and painted.   Now, the redwood planks that were originally carefully removed are being rehung along the valances and on specific wall areas.  The space is now taking on a familiar feel, although in a more polished and restrained manner.  Take a look:

Up next,  is the sanding and staining of both new and old redwood panels.  I'm grateful for our contractor's eye for detail and patience for working with existing materials.  I can't wait to see how our new kitchen comes together.

Kitchen Renovation: Part 3

Last week we began the painstaking process of refinishing our  60+ year-old concrete floor.   After removing an existing kitchen island and a wall dividing the kitchen and dining room areas, not to mention the obvious wear and tear through the years, the floors really needed to be addressed.  The approach was to sand, mend and stain.  Everything was going as planned until the color was applied.  What we previously thought was a match, turned out to be completely wrong after the first/second/third/etc. tries.  Currently, after a week of sanding, we're  in for another couple of days of sanding and color matching.  At least this time around, the children are not home from school (ill with fevers) and Alex is back from his trip to Switzerland.  Take a look at the first few attempts:

Stayed tuned for what I hope will be the perfect color reveal.

Many thanks to Babik for providing [renovation] refuge for me and her Munchkins (including Loki).  Her hot meals, soothing spirits and comfy beds kept all of us in check.

Kitchen Renovation: Part 2

Now that the walls and ceiling of our kitchen have been exposed, new electrical wiring and boxes are being installed.   The valances, so typical of Mid-Century design, have been preserved and in some areas extended.  In case of any late night entertaining, we added a pocket door to separate the dining area from the hallway leading to the bedrooms.  This so that those who tend to go to bed early (mostly me) can fall sleep easily.   On Tuesday, the concrete floor affected by the renovation will be sanded, smoothed and tinted.  Things are moving right along.  Take a look: