Kitchen Renovation: Part 3

Last week we began the painstaking process of refinishing our  60+ year-old concrete floor.   After removing an existing kitchen island and a wall dividing the kitchen and dining room areas, not to mention the obvious wear and tear through the years, the floors really needed to be addressed.  The approach was to sand, mend and stain.  Everything was going as planned until the color was applied.  What we previously thought was a match, turned out to be completely wrong after the first/second/third/etc. tries.  Currently, after a week of sanding, we're  in for another couple of days of sanding and color matching.  At least this time around, the children are not home from school (ill with fevers) and Alex is back from his trip to Switzerland.  Take a look at the first few attempts:

Stayed tuned for what I hope will be the perfect color reveal.

Many thanks to Babik for providing [renovation] refuge for me and her Munchkins (including Loki).  Her hot meals, soothing spirits and comfy beds kept all of us in check.