Kitchen Renovation: Part 4

After another day of sanding, mending and color mixing we finally came up with the right hue for our concrete kitchen floors!  Now the area we had to refinish is perfectly color toned with the pre-existing concrete flooring.  Originally, our plan was to expose the aggregate in the floor and then apply color to better match the 60+ year old areas, but after much deliberation and stain hiccups we realized that the process of smoothing the floor would be more effective in matching the original color.  So, [for now] the floor in the kitchen area is smooth while the rest of the house is textured.   Someday, if I decide to tackle this again, we'll refinish the rest of the floors.  Or, better yet, the new floor's gradual wear and tear will eventually blend it with the old floor.  Either way,  I'm very pleased with the current results.  Take a look:

Soon after the paint dried, the kitchen project resumed and the floor was covered to protect it.  Once it's uncovered again,  I'll show it to you in its entirety.

MANY thanks to the folks at California Custom Coatings and Prep Concrete for their diligence and determination to ensure our floor turned out just right.