Life Lately

For the past 2 weeks we've been visiting friends and family on the East Coast, some of whom we haven't seen since our move to California a year ago.  Each day has been a reunion of sorts.  Our children have reconnected with old classmates, cousins, friends and places that have reminded them of their earliest childhood days.  It's been wonderful to witness friendships [young and old] pick right up where they left off, as if time and distance never came between them.

We began our adventure in Cambridge, then headed to the Cape to visit with great friends for a few days.  On the way to my NJ childhood home, we stopped at a great place  in RI for a bite to eat .  We crossed my [once] favorite bridge  [there's a new fav] to spend time with my 94 year old grandmother and the rest of the family.   Our children loved being around their cousins and grandparents.  On the way back to MA, we visited good friends in CT that we hadn't seen in quite a while.  Today, after hanging out in Cambridge for a couple of days with old neighbors and friends, we're off to Maine (our next destination).  Stay tuned for updates and exciting posts on places that I found inspirational during our summer's travels.

Hope you are having a wonderful summer (we sure are)!   A big, hearty thank you to all our hosts and hostesses along the way!

The Way We Live: A Spontaneous New Year's Day Visit

Instead of a typical New Year's post about milestones and resolutions, I'll share with you photographs of our first 2013 day, spent in Noe Valley with friends we met while living in SF many years ago.  Now that we live near one another spontaneous visits are possible and with a couple like DS and BB you can always expect a warm welcome (even with 3 crazy kids in tow).  Their home is cozy and eclectic and reflects their passions and travels.  Seamlessly mixed vintage finds, textiles, art and interesting artifacts, this home is truly an example of  The Way We Live.  Take a look:

During our visit we shared in a Southern New Year's tradition of eating black eyed peas and collard greens which symbolize future wealth and good luck.  Here's to wishing everyone both in 2013!    I ate two entire bowls...

Happiest of new years and many thanks to DS and BB for sharing the first day of 2013 with all of us and you.