A Family Photo Session

debra-19 During our stay in Cambridge this summer, I had the chance to catch up with my photographer friend Kristen of Kristen Joy Emack Photography.  Having always admired her personal style of portrait photography, I asked Kristen to take pictures of our family.  She accepted and invited us to a spot that she chose very carefully.  Her ease with the lens and the people in front of it shows through the realness of her approach to photography.   Here are a few images from our morning session with Kristen.  I'm so pleased with the results. debra-5




debra-9Over the summer, Kristen was named best photographer by Scout Cambridge Magazine.  To see more of Kristen's work check out her website here.

Thank you Kristen for capturing the essence of our family.


Life Happens

In a previous "Life Happens" post, I expressed my thoughts (in a somewhat dour way) on the of effects of time on me, our children and my parents.   On the flip side, as time continues to pass, our kids are maturing into very distinct individuals and each one is SO enjoyable.  In the photos recently taken in Big Sur, one can get a sense of the unique personalities captured by my camera.

I'm looking forward to a slow summer in their very entertaining company.



Here's to many happy and safe life happenings this summer!