The Way We Work: Cocoon Home Design

With the help of these images and this room inspiration, our home office has taken on the look and feel I was hoping for.   Now, the workspace that Alex and I share is both functional and comfortable.  Here are some more shots and, also, tips on creating or renovating your very own home office.

9 tips for creating an organized home office space with a personal touch: 

1.  Layer your lighting between task lamps and ceiling fixtures.

2.  Find the right chair/s for both comfort and style.

3.  Thread computer wires through drilled holes in your desk tops.

4.  Use trays, folders and/or clipboards to store mail and organize paperwork.

5.  Always have a plant, big or small, in the space.

6.  Surround yourself with images and/or objects that inspire you, but strive to keep the area uncluttered.

7.  Place a candle nearby with your favorite scent for a relaxing effect.

8.  Do have extra seating for a visiting friend, client or coworker.  This could even be a stool that doubles as an additional surface for magazines or books.

9.  Ensure your desk is at the ready with pens, pencils, paper, chargers and a glass [or two] of water.

Room Inspiration: Our Home Office

Borrowing ideas from these 7 images, I put together this room inspiration for our home office makeover [which is almost finished].  The new look combines metals, textures and colors from different eras.  The walls have been painted a metallic gold, the cabinet hardware has been replaced, a graphic rug has been added and two vintage leather & chrome chairs flank the built-in desk.  I'm anxious to show it all to you, but we're still deciding on a few key details.  The new look has already proven to be a productive and inspiring workspace for both Alex and me.  Stay tuned for the big reveal.

Have you made any home improvements lately?

Images: light, mural, rug, drawer pull, desk, and chair

Everything UK

I'm loving everything designed in the UK.  Take a look at some of my favorites.  Above the candy lidded pouffes have a great shape and texture, their very current color combinations are a great fit for kids' spaces and family rooms.

Funktion Alley's wall hanging desk is perfect for small spaces.  I would need three, one for each of my children.  They could store all their trinkets, crayons and homework.  When not in use, they could close them up and all the clutter would be out of sight.  A dream come true.

Keep all your night-time essentials on this sweet  shelving unit.  When you're finished reading, the pitched roof becomes a bookmark. Too cute.

The powdery finish on these Scavo vases makes them an elegant addition to any vase collection.  No need to fill them with flowers they are so pretty on their own.

All of these items can be shipped to the US  for a premium.  I'm hoping there’s a local distributor for the pouffes.  They are my favorites.  What's yours?