Before & After: A Guest Bedroom's Quick Fix

In the coming months we're expecting quite a few visitors, so I decided to revamp our guest bedroom suite. Utilizing items that we've owned for many years, I put together a space that looks familiar yet feels completely new.  Staying true to my love of neutrals the room is a medley of earthy tones, textures and patterns.  Not a penny spent, just time rummaging through the house for things to repurpose.

Here are the details:  a pair of Ming dynasty chairs that were once desk chairs now act as bedside tables, art found at a yard sale 12 years ago turns the headboard into a focal statement,  existing bedding and pillows help layer a cozy bed look, the sisal area rug is a remnant from our redone office area and lamps that were once sold at Cocoon (our store) provide adequate light to read by.  Lastly, a feng shui botanical touch and some bedtime reading for our guests.

Take a look at the before and after process that took [literally] one single afternoon:

Below is snapshot of our Belmont, Ma., apartment circa 2005.   The lights and art were right at home even then.   While it's nice to decorate with brand new items, I really enjoy repurposing what we already own and then accessorize as needed.  The guest bedroom suite will someday undergo a complete makeover, but I'm sure that some of the pieces you see now will still show up somewhere in the house...

Cocoon Home Design can help you achieve an updated, stylized look with preowned items.  It's all about featuring favorite things in a brand new light.  Contact me at:

Cocoon: Past, Present and Future.

True to its name, Cocoon has had many transformations.  Originally founded as a retail store in Boston eleven years ago, it has since evolved into an interior and botanical design firm, and as of late, a lifestyle blog.  With the pending move to California, our clients and readers have been asking what will become of Cocoon on the West Coast.  Being instrumental in its transformations over the past 10 years, I'm confident that Cocoon Home will continue to thrive as it morphs into its future.

Sorting and organizing for the California move, I found advertising postcards and business cards from years past that reminded  me just how far and long Cocoon has existed in one form or another.  Take a look at remnants of Cocoon's past and keep posted for updates on its promising future:

Refresh. Renew. Repurpose: Cocoon's Design Approach

For a few years now, we’ve helped people redecorate their homes with their own “stuff”.  Whether on a budget or a time constraint, some clients just need a swift makeover for their spaces.  Some had just moved into a new home, others were about to sell theirs and some just needed to edit, reorganize and refresh their cocoons.

These projects have brought us so much satisfaction and positive feedback, that I’ve decided to make the “one-day makeover” a permanent design service for Cocoon Home Design.  Read a few of the testimonials from past clients and take a look at some of the spaces we transformed in just a few hours.

"Natalia and Debra transformed our life by making our home so much more livable and enjoyable.  Using their amazing sense of style and organization, each of the rooms they tackled gained a new level of beauty.  We fell in love with our house after the simple and smart changes they made to it."  Natalia Andalo--Westwood, Ma

"I've had three face lifts from Cocoon.  One in my living room a few years ago, last summer at my Cape cottage and recently,  my refreshed study in Boston.  It is like working with a whirling dervish with a magic wand.  They are non stop energy with an amazing eye for clean lines.  I can't believe the transformations with the same stuff.  Truly amazing!!!"  Barbara Torrey--Boston, Ma

"In the span of just a few hours, Cocoon Home Design revolutionized the way this of five does life.  Our main level floor plan went from being confined and over-accessorized to spacious and composed, using only pieces we owned.  No more tiny toes being stubbed or little elbows knocking things off tables-dare I say the boys are fighting less.  I am now sitting in front of the fire in my quiet house and I LOVE what I see and feel.  Thanks again for helping me."  Carrie Zarechnak--Oakhill, Va

If your space is feeling a little tired, a bit cluttered and somewhat uninspiring, it's time for a quick jumpstart to make IT and YOU feel whole and new again.  A quick makeover can make all the difference.

Many thanks to Natalia, Barbara and Carrie for allowing my blog readers into their homes and writing such lovely testimonials about our Cocoon Home Design team.

Click here to find out more about Cocoon Home Design services or email me: with any questions.