Kitchen Inspirations: A 3rd Option And YOUR Favorite is?

Here's one last 'look' for our upcoming kitchen renovation and I really would like to know which one YOU favor because I am strangely undecided.   The first look was inspired by the wallpaper.  I love its bold pattern and color combo.  It's fun and it's modern.

The second combines texture and sheen which are both sophisticated and elegant.  This look would contrast the redwood panels that line the interior walls of our house very nicely.

The third 'look' is earthy and warm and honors the mid-century design of our home the best.  The blues and greens in the wallpaper coordinate well with the green tones of our concrete floors and blend seamlessly with the redwood walls as well.

So do we go bold, elegant or earthy?!?

Which is YOUR favorite look and why?  Help me out.

I just made our once private Kitchen Reno Pinboard public.  Take a look at it here.