Loving The Look: Cultural Black And White

Often times the use of black and white in interiors conveys a starkly modern look, but when it's mixed with tribal patterns, unique textiles and grainy woods, the classic combination takes on a warmer, more inviting feel.   Take a look at some of my favorite examples of black and white's worldly appeal:

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Decorating Details At The 2013 SF Decorator Showcase

Yesterday, I had the chance to visit the 2013 San Francisco Decorator Showcase home which was just breathtaking.  While each room was unique in its composition, details of texture, pattern and color were fluidly played out in each individual space.   The combinations of patterns in wall coverings, textiles and tiles gave each room its own textural depth, making the tour not only a visual experience but a sensory one as well.  Take a look at several of my favorite images which highlight the mix of materials that made this year's Showcase Home a standout.

Many thanks to CC for hosting an unforgettable afternoon.

Obsessing Over: Black And White Stripes

Ever since my mother-in-law mentioned her plans to reupholster her sofa in black and white striped fabric, I've been mildly obsessed with the "look".  I never considered myself a stripe 'aficionado', but if the look is done right it can blend classic with a little funk.  This is why I particularly like the above images:

1.  In small doses, black and white stripes can be a great accent without over committing.

2.  Here the commitment is huge, but I love how the classic sofas are funked up by the stripes (and I love the nesting side tables!).

3. An upholstered striped headboard can appeal to both feminine and masculine sensibilities.

4. Combining wide stripes for the seat cushion and thinner ones for the back cushions, gives the space depth and interest.

So, are YOU a stripy kinda person?

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