Before And After: Magnetic Chalkboard Wall

Our basement serves as a guest room, a playroom and a mud room.  All of those functions are essential in a small home. Now that  our kids are getting more comfortable going downstairs on their own,  I wanted it to feel like their special space, while still maintaining its function as a destination for our guests.  A magnetic chalkboard wall was the perfect addition. Not only does it give our children a wide open canvas for writing and drawing, it allows them to hang their art work with magnets.  Take a look at how the wall looked before and how it looks presently.

Three coats of magnetic primer was applied at first, then the chalkboard paint was rolled on.

I love Umbra's flip wall-mount coat rack.  When not in use, the hooks flip back onto its base and the natural wood is easily painted to match any background.

To store the chalk, paper and magnets I used a Woolly Pocket.  The soft felt hangs close to the wall and its color blends into it seamlessly.