Holiday Table Setting: Tapestries, Sugar Sticks and 3 Tips

We're hosting our West Coast family the day after Christmas and for the table setting, my mother-in-law gave me a beautiful Indian tapestry to use as a table cloth.  Its colors and designs fit right in with our greenish concrete floors and redwood walls.   Evergreen sprigs and sugar sticks will decorate each setting.  The sticks will sweeten our after dinner teas and coffees.  Take a close-up look:

3 Holiday Table Setting Tips***Keep the setting simple, but interesting.  By adding texture, color and natural elements you can transform your everyday dining experience into a holiday event. 

1.  Layer:  Bring texture to your table setting by using different size dishes, adding a tablecloth, napkins and/or placemats.

2. Garnish:  Place an evergreen sprig at each setting.  This eliminates the need for a centerpiece, which in turn, will provide you with more table space.

3.  Celebrate:  Make lots of toasts to family, good friends and all the things in life you're grateful for!