Out And About: Big Daddy's Antiques

One of the home goods stores I've really wanted to visit ever since we returned to the Bay Area was Big Daddy's Antiques.  Last week, I finally had the opportunity to experience this amazing retail destination.  Walking through it, one feels as though a theatrical event just wrapped up or is about to happen.  Surrounded by unique vintage finds, large scale lighting, cooing doves and dramatically displayed merchandise, one is totally transported to an artfully curated, timeless space.  Take a look at some of the visual impressions Big Daddy's Antiques left me with:

Big Daddy's Antiques can be found here.

Room Inspiration: Textile Covered Ottoman

Ever since I spied this vintage textile covered ottoman at ABC Carpet and Home, I've imagined  it in front or inside a closet (a walk-in, of course).   In my vision it provides a place to  sit while deciding what to wear or becomes catch-all for a handbag and dress worn the night before.  Take a peek at how that bedroom would take shape:

wallpaper: anthropologie

bed: anthropologie

armoire: South of Market

Ochre Cherub Lap

I like that one would be able to see the wallpaper through the glass.

CB2's metal proof night stands offset the curvy lines of the headboard adding yet another element to the space.

Suzanne Sharp's tibetan, dippy black

Horchow's purple framed mirror adds a dose of drama to any wall.

Multi buckled satchel from Alexander Wang

Do you have a favorite?  Mine:  the ottoman and the multi-buckled satchel.






A Most Relaxing Bedroom

I love this Boston bedroom.  Its a tribute to the past and the present.  A place to  surrender youself to the day and night.   Designed by  Orange Street Design Studio this space is a great example of how to combine style, comfort and surprise.  Take a look at how it's done....

The mirror above the vanity reflects the rooms soft and earthy tones.  The Conran vases above the bed are a great alternative to art.  You can seasonally update the room with the botanicals.

Whether or not a fireplace is functional it still conveys warmth and interest to a space.  And more importantly a place to display treasured trinkets, finds, and memories.....

The jewelry is box is from Roost and the candle sticks are by Ted Meuhling from E.R. Butler.  The contents of the box are from family, friends, and travels taken.  What an endearing way to pay tribute to all that....

I love this corner with its vintage Eames chair that offers a place to put up your feet and take in the sun and the unsuspecting pig that adds a sense of humor to room.    The vintage Eames chair is from a grandmother, the pig from Henry Allen, and  Pookie the kitty from a trip at Seaside Beach.  I hope you enjoyed it.  One last thing....I'm amazed at how well the photographer, Liz Linder captured the space.  Just as it is was meant to be seen and felt.

5 Foot E

Friends just bought this 5 foot E off of EBay.  They recently upsized their house and could use a 5 foot E.   Their last name begins with, you guessed it an E.  Search under vintage sign letters and you too can own a 5 foot metal letter that can be back- lit, painted in an bold color or left in its original state..  I LOVE it and so does their daughter.