The Happy Flag Project

Before leaving for our month long trip to the East Coat (more on that later), I had the opportunity to spend some time with friends I met through an artisan guild.  This group of craft artists, interior designers, architects, painters and entrepreneurs gather every month or so to share their passions, professions and creative expressions.  For this recent gathering textile designer Jennifer Sampou invited us to her studio to create Prayer Flags for The Happy Flag Project.  Using fabric samples and scraps, buttons, stickers and feathers we each decorated one flag to be sent to the Dalai Lama and another flag to keep.  With themes of peace, joy, contentment, compassion, empowerment and healing we all put our creative hands to stitch flags together.  Take a look at some images from the evening and the flag I made for Zoe.

Many thanks to Jennifer Sampou for opening up her studio for us and inspiring me to break out my sewing machine.

Be sure to check out Jennifer Sampou's amazing fabric designs and collections here and give some thought to gathering a group to participate in The Happy Flag Project.  It is great fun!

Get Your Quilt On

With all the recent hoopla about quilts here and here, I thought I'd share recent pictures of  little Zoe's bed.  Using a quilt given to us as a wedding gift by Alex's grandparents (hand-stitched by Babushka),  Zoe's room takes on a nostalgic yet very current look.   Take a peek at a few of my favorite designs below:

Kantha quilts seem to be getting all the attention at the moment, but introducing any traditional quilts into modern settings can evoke feelings of nostalgia, warmth and coziness.

1.  Triangle Quilt

2. Vintage Double Wedding Ring Quilt

3. Beekeepers Quilt

4. Patchwork Star Flower