Botanical Inspiration: Plants Around The House

IMG_2984 The other day, while tending to the plethora of plants we have around the house, I thought it would be nice to share where they actually live.   Some of the places you find them may be considered a bit unexpected, such as in a bathroom,  in our children's spaces and even atop bookcases.  I began placing plants in the twins' room while decorating their nursery, and ever since then there's been a plant or two in their bedroom.  Today one sits by Max's turntable on his and Ben's nightstand.  Our home office would not be complete without a botanical touch, and the kitchen counter changes seasonally with cut branches or foliage.  Zoe's room often houses a delicate fern that softens the already sweet space. Take a look:





chinese cabinet


kitchenTo see my favorite indoor plant groupings and some ideas on how to create your own, click here.

What's your favorite plant spot?


Out And About: Terrain

During our stay with friends in Connecticut this past weekend, our hostess insisted we visited Westport's Terrain.  I must admit, there was no resistance on our part to go along.  After enjoying an amazing brunch at the cafe, we walked around and took in the entire store.  Filled with interesting botanicals for indoors and out, cool home accessories and garden decor, Terrain accomplished merging all my favorite things into one amazing retail destination.  Take a look:

Thank you EA and VA for yet another great visit.  We hope to reciprocate soon and take you to Flora Grubb, the West Coast version of Terrain.

Botanical Inspiration: Mulching And Helping Hands


I suppose I inherited a love of yard work from my Dad.  In the beginning,  it was clearly a chore, i.e. raking, weeding, mulching, etc.  However, it didn't  take long for me to see it in a different light.  I began seeking out things to do in our garden, following my dad behind the mower raking grass clippings or selecting and planting flowers in our many beds.  That's why I'm delighted when I see our children are enjoying getting their hands in the soil, choosing plants in garden centers and, of course, watering.  Recently Zoe helped me mulch the tiered section of our entry steps.  In the original 1953 landscape plans a waterfall feature was intended for this space.  We chose to plant Mondo Grass, Dwarf  Red Pine, Manzanita and Jasmine instead.  The mulch around the plantings not only enhances the foliage color, but also keeps the soil moist and the weeds at bay.

As time passes, I look forward to seeing the tiers fill in and our children's interest in gardening grow.

I'm so grateful for my childhood experiences in the garden.  Thank you, Dad!

Have a great weekend!

Botanical Inspiration: The Flora Around Us

Whether it's embodied in dangerous spikes, brilliant colors, smooth surfaces or delicate petals, the flora around us never ceases to inspire me.  Here are a few favorite specimens, as of late.   Some I shot at a wholesale nursery, others while hiking, one in our very own yard and a few in a friend's wild and crazy garden.  Enjoy their beauty.

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Images are:  Barrel Cactus, PincushionProtea, a feral cactus, New Zealand Flax, Echium, and Garden Rose.