Botanical Inspiration: House Plants

 I recently placed a cluster of indoor plants in an area of our living room that was lacking something.  Since adding a furniture piece would surely obstruct the view into the garden, we decided to bring the outdoors in by choosing house plants.  Now the interior of the house is contiguous with the exterior of it AND we're benefiting from the purifying effects plants have on us daily.  Take a look:

3 Tips For Creating Your Very Own Plant Cluster:

1.  Choose plants with different characterics but the same cultivating requirements.  For example, the above  is a combination of a shiny broad leaf,  a delicate palmate and colorful oblong leafed plants.

2.  Cluster the plants in odd numbers and varied sizes.

3.  Remember that the pots/planters you choose are as important as the plants.  If you're as obsessive as I am, use the same style and color for all of them.   If not, use can different colors and styles, and even materials.  Let your creativity guide you, remember that baskets and wood vessels make great containers for plants.

If you're contemplating adding botanicals to your space for a bit of ecological drama, Cocoon Home can help you select the perfect plants for it.