Out And About: "Derrière" Restaurant, Paris

This week's Out And About features Derrière, a restaurant my husband and I dined at while visiting Paris past summer. The eclectic mix of furnishings and accessories artfully arranged in its many rooms make the experience feel more like dining at your coolest friends' house. At the end of a narrow hallway on the second floor, there's an antique mirrored armoire which, upon opening, leads to a secret fumoir.  After savoring our meals we ventured through the secret door for a nightcap, complimentary champagne and some intriguing conversations with an array of interesting people dropping in as the evening progressed.  Take a look at quite possibly the coolest restaurant I've ever been to...

Derrière, 69, rue des Gravilliers, 75003; (33-1) 44-61-91-95. Métro: Arts et Métiers; derriere-resto.com.

Out And About: Merci

The first shop I visited in Paris was Merci.   This first ever charitable store is an artfully merchandised collection of clothing, housewares, furniture and accessories. Designers such as Stella McCarthy and Yves St. Laurent worked with the creators of Merci, Marie France Cohen and her husband (known for the children's line Bonpoint),  to transform shopping into an unique philanthropic experience. Portions of the profits benefit charitable causes.  Two cafes offer charcuteries, amazing coffee, Parisian sweets in an relaxed atmosphere, although the patrons’ excitement is palpable as one walks through the store.  I was jumping out of my skin, loving every bit of it!   Take a tour of Merci through my lens.


A Grand Summer So Far

I've just returned from spending a week in a very quiet and secluded spot in Maine.  Right before that I spent a very stimulating week in Paris.  Traveling both with and without our children has given me a wonderful opportunity to enjoy time alone with them,  with my husband .....and with myself.  This could be the best summer yet.  I'm anxious to share my favorite sights and shops from both Maine and Paris.  For now take a peek at some of the highlights:


I hope you're all having as wonderful a summer as I am thus far.......

I Got Big Plans! Big Plans, I Say!

This week I have big plans!  A phrase from our children's favorite read at the moment that just happens to be true.  I do have big plans.  Tonight, I'm flying to Paris with my husband, just the two of us.  So, all the hoopla about needing time alone to get into a book-- well,  no more excuses.  Not only that, I'm going to see and experience so much.  I thought about showing some "found" Paris photos to tell you about my big plans,  but I prefer to share this beautiful city through MY lens.  So, until then here are few random obsessions. Take a look and remember to follow me on Twitter for some inevitable Paris highlights.

The book Big Plans is great fun.   One can get very expressive reading it to children.  The excitement over big plans is BIG!

A beautiful outdoor space by From Me To You.

Will Leather Goods' Dhurrie messenger bag because I'm loving anything carpet covered at the moment.

A friend lent me a beautiful skirt and shirt from A Detacher for my trip to Paris.  I'm now a huge fan.

A Paris dining room.  Love the mixed chairs and wood accents that give the space texture and warmth.

Watermelon granita from Kumquat, sweet and refreshing.  Sante!