Second Kitchen Update: The Delta Faucet

During the past two weeks we've been getting acquainted with our brand new kitchen and I will admit we're all very pleased with the results.   One of my favorite features in it (and there are many) is the new faucet.  Not only does its finish work perfectly with the cabinet pulls and the color scheme, but its 'touch' feature makes it fun for our kids to fill a glass of water, rinse their dishes or wash their hands.  By simply touching the spout or the handle water is immediately released.  Touching it again stops the flow.  I'm not usually one for gadgets, bells and whistles, but I'm super excited about the ease of use and elegant look of the Delta Single Handle Faucet .  Take a look:

*This post was sponsored  by Delta Faucet.  The particular faucet chosen by me was a Delta Faucet donation.  A big thank you to the company from all of us!  

All opinions and images are my own. 

Kitchen Inspiration: A Second Look

Last weekend, a dear Boston friend [who also happens to be designer] spent the weekend with us.  Of course, I took the opportunity to discuss our upcoming kitchen renovation and I was immediately challenged on my original concept.    My friend's thoughts were inclined toward honoring the mid-century design of our house by using more textural elements, mainly on the walls, which I originally wanted to cover in this wallpaper.  I'm now researching other finishes to give the space a more natural and earthier look.  Given my love for wall coverings and bold patterns, I'm not entirely convinced yet, but I do think I should explore other looks for this very important family space:

It is pretty, isn't it?  Take look here at my original inspiration and let me know which style you prefer.  Next week I'll reveal our kitchen as it is now, so you can get a better sense on the scope of this project.

Many thanks to MV for getting my creative juices flowing in an unpredictable direction.  The whole family loved hosting you and we look forward to seeing you in July.

5 Kitchen Decor Ideas:


Even though I'm becoming one with the kitchen in our home, it's still not the one I dream of.  As I begin imagining a new layout, decorating ideas pop into my head.  Take a look at 5 images that feature details that I'd like to see in our redesigned kitchen (waaay in the future).

Ok, here's the breakdown on the kitchen decor:  lacquered cabinets to offset the wood walls in the house, open shelving to keep the space airy, combining elements for texture and depth, showcasing the natural light and adding pops of color for fun.

What details live in your dream kitchen?