Out And About: Flora Grubb Gardens

This week's Out And About features 2 of my very favorite things:  coffee and plants.   They come together seamlessly at Flora Grubb, in San Francisco, creating an urban oasis for the coffee connoisseur and the horticulturalist.   Wanting to visit Flora Grubb Gardens for some time now, I finally went this past weekend.  Its artful botanical displays and vertical gardens were even cooler than I had imagined.  The interesting variety of plants and, of course, the coffee made for an inspiring experience. Take a look at some of the many photos (I went a little camera crazy) I took while I shopped:

Many thanks to Flora Grubb for creating such an inspiring and beautiful place to shop and to AM for taking me there this weekend!

AND,  many loving thoughts out to all to my friends and readers back East who have been hugely affected by the storm.

For The Love Of Coffee

 Lately, I've been mildly obsessed with coffee images and thought I would put some of my faves together.  My love for the bean is so strong that I'm considering giving it up for Lent.  My husband asks: " Why make it so difficult on yourself?".  I reply:  "That's exactly the point".   I can't remember sacrificing anything for Lent in a long while (maybe Skittles as a kid?).   A California friend of mine gives up chocolate every year and then throws a huge chocolate party after Easter.  These post-lent Willie Wonka parties are quite a lot of fun!      I'll keep you posted as to whether or not I become devout again this season...

What's your relationship with the coffee bean?  Could you give it up?!

Images via Brown Dress With White Dots and Pinterest.