DIY: A Sea Catcher

While camping in Mendocino over the past weekend (more on that adventure later), we collected driftwood and dried seaweed to add to our seaside mementos.  The foraged shore finds found themselves in box where I recently threw in some vintage buttons, chandelier crystals and a mix of feathers.  Together they all looked so pretty that the kids and I decided to make something with them, and voila, the "Sea Catcher" was born.  Using twine, leather cording, a little glue and my drill we simply arranged the collection and attached a few of our other favorites.  Take a look:

This Sea Catcher was made of Maine driftwood, dried Mendocino seaweed, vintage buttons and glass crystals from a chandelier we used to own.  All remind us of beautiful places and happy times.  Can't wait to see how our next one comes together...

'Til Monday: Weekend Plans

I came across these photos last night and was reminded of the start of the new year.  We spent the first day of 2014 with friends at Pescadero Beach exploring its many coastal wonders with our children.  It's hard to believe that the ides of March are here already.  The first two months of this year have been [beyond] busy with work, the kids' individual schedules and our ongoing home renovation.  In all this, it seems I've lost a bit of  my old "California wanderlust".  My weekend plans are to work in the garden and to reconnect with the landscape that surrounds us.   We all need to regroup and recharge in the most natural way.

Do you have plans for this weekend?  Whether you stay home or decide to head out, here's my wish for a safe and happy one.