The Culled Closet: I Caved In

Contrary to the revelation in my "Culled Closet" post, I bought yet another accent piece.  I'm now the proud owner of a pink patterned jumper, which BTW looks great with a brown suede handbag I found in a SF vintage shop.  Having said that, I'm still focused on culling items and hope to hone in on my Spring 2014 "look" in a timely manner.  Stay tuned.

Do you have a favorite new item in your Spring wardrobe?  If so, please share.

Window Shopping: Bergdorf Goodman

This Monday, while in NYC, I did my usual thing:  Bergdorf Goodman window shop.  My ritual is to get up early before the store opens (most likely to avoid any temptation to shop), walk through Central Park to 5th avenue and ogle the [quite possibly] best window displays in the world.  This time, a bookish Spring was in the air with bold colors, big prints and satiny fabrics.  Take a look:

I must admit it was exciting to see Prada featured (first and second images), since I've been mildy obsessed with the large monstera prints that adorn their Spring 2014 line.

On my next trip I may throw caution to the wind and perhaps do some actual shopping...

To see my past Berdgdorf Goodman window shopping sprees click here and here.  Many thanks to HK & KK for hosting my brief but always memorable visits.