The Culled Closet

Lately, I've been struggling with finding the right thing to wear.  I'm not sure if it's an age thing, the move to a warmer climate or a real need to redefine my style.  In an effort to understand this, I've begun culling my closet of items that went unworn during the past year:  pieces that don't 'play well' with others and fabrics that simply never felt good.  What I realized about my most recent edits is that I tend to buy more accent pieces than basic pieces, which makes putting an outfit together a bit of a challenge.  I need to simply the routine, step it up a notch and ensure that each piece I own makes me feel and look good.

I was inspired to document this purging of sorts after coming across Cuyana's Lean Closet Movement and other related posts here and here.   Stay tuned for more updates on items I'm permanently releasing from my repertoire, the select few that will remain and the key pieces we'll go shopping for together.