Kitchen Update: The Table Top

IMG_4447 At last, our dining room table is completed.  Using the same material as we did for our counters, Silestone, but in a different color, we were able to blend our two kitchen areas without making them look too 'matchy-matchy'.   A solid creamy white called Haiku for our counter tops lent a more modern look in the kitchen, while the marbled effect of  Quasar for the table top gave the dining room a more traditional feel.  The combination works perfectly together.  We're loving the look and the durability of the stone and, in all honesty, we're finding ourselves sitting around the table longer.  Eating slower, chatting longer and entertaining more often.  The renovated kitchen has become the heart of our home.  Take a look:silestone psd

bowls psd


It's hard to believe that it was almost a year ago that we were finalizing the renovation plans for our kitchen and only now do I feel it's almost done.  It was well worth the time invested and I thank all who've been following this [at times] arduous process.  In the future, I will share my art search for the dining area and for fabric to reupholster our comfy chairs.  I will need your help again.

Did you really think we were done?!?


Kitchen Inspiration: A Second Look

Last weekend, a dear Boston friend [who also happens to be designer] spent the weekend with us.  Of course, I took the opportunity to discuss our upcoming kitchen renovation and I was immediately challenged on my original concept.    My friend's thoughts were inclined toward honoring the mid-century design of our house by using more textural elements, mainly on the walls, which I originally wanted to cover in this wallpaper.  I'm now researching other finishes to give the space a more natural and earthier look.  Given my love for wall coverings and bold patterns, I'm not entirely convinced yet, but I do think I should explore other looks for this very important family space:

It is pretty, isn't it?  Take look here at my original inspiration and let me know which style you prefer.  Next week I'll reveal our kitchen as it is now, so you can get a better sense on the scope of this project.

Many thanks to MV for getting my creative juices flowing in an unpredictable direction.  The whole family loved hosting you and we look forward to seeing you in July.

Kitchen Inspirations

Our upcoming kitchen renovation is in full creative swing.  Our newly designed space will blend aspects from each of the above images by utilizing textured materials, Silestone counters, innovative cook tops and, of course, a dramatic wall covering.  Stay tuned and enjoy this little preview:

wallpaper, statellight chandelier, flatware, induction cooktop, cherner side chair, water drop jug , silestone