I'M A GIANT Dollhouse Challenge Update: A Miniature Greenhouse

This may be one of many I'M A GIANT updates this week, but it may just be my favorite.  It's all about  a greenhouse that my father built [as an accessory to the dollhouse] for my sisters and me.   With etched plexi glass, a planting shelf and a wooden door, this little glass house is an exact replica of a true greenhouse.  I remember playing with it just as much, if not more, than with the 'main' house.  What I find so interesting is that to this day both of my sisters and I have a deep love for plants, so for this challenge I just had to use real vegetation along with an intimate and tranquil sitting area to relax and reflect in.  Take a look:

I'M A GIANT Update: Before And After: Fireplace And Dining Room Table

Taking on this doll house challenge is like taking on any other major renovation project.  There are still budgets to consider, timelines to adhere to, and clients to contend with.  In this particular case, the clients are my children.  In regards to budget, I'm trying my hardest to use items we already own, such as furniture, paint and fabric.  As far as timelines, the contest runs through the 15th of December, which does allow us some significant time to transform this mini doll abode.   Keep in mind that this house will be revamped and redecorated [to a significant degree], but most of all, it WILL still be played with.  I must remember to keep it user friendly and not spend too much money on pieces that may be broken or lost.  Take a look at a few items our children and I have been working on:


The brick fireplace was painted white and a new hearth was constructed of wallpaper samples.

I'm still working on a mantle, which will be designed from recycled furniture.

Dining Table

I always wanted a round table and now I have it.  Since there are only two chairs left from the original set, I'll have to incorporate a mix of different chairs (something I would only do in a dollhouse).  Although I love the concept of diverse chair styles in a magazine photo shoot, in my own home that would drive me bonkers.

White with yellow touches throughout the main living area-----can anyone guess whose home this dollhouse is modeled after?!