Thank You!

I'm so grateful and inspired by the overwhelming support Cocoon Home Blog received in Apartment Therapy's The Homies Awards.  Making it all the way to the finals is just amazing.  Thank you so much!

I look forward to more sharing of my design inspirations, special family moments and personal journeys with all of you.

Many congratulations to the other finalists, I feel honored to be among you.

Now, a huge thanks to Babik (my mother-in-law and editor) who has always encouraged and supported my creative endeavors.  Her efforts and devotion to Cocoon Home Design  brought us to the finals.  Thank you!


Big (Basket) Love

On a recent trip to the San Fransciso Flower Mart I was stopped dead in my tracks by the sight of these huge baskets.  I fell in love with their size, color and  potential functionality and immediately bought two for a design client.  Whether one uses them to keep wood next to a fireplace, to store toys in a den or shoes in a mudroom, big baskets can add texture and interest to any room in a home, from foyer to bathroom.

Below are a few images from my Basket Pinboard that show just how versatile these large woven vessels can be:

Are you a fan of the over-sized baskets?  Where and how would you use these big babies in your place?

images: 1./2./3./4./5.

Full Circle

This week's end was just as exciting as its beginning. The notable difference is that I am now on the East Coast working on a project.  Being back in Boston as a finalist blogger in Apartment Therapy’s The Homies Awards seems quite appropriate, considering this is where I began blogging 4 years ago.  When I think about or scroll back to my older posts, I’m amazed at just how many and how much I’ve shared with you .  It’s been an amazing journey, one that I could not have stayed embarked on without you.  I'm SO grateful for your continued love and support!  Let’s keep this exciting gig going by voting one last time for Cocoon Home as your favorite Home Design and Inspiration blog right here.   THANK YOU!

Vinyl & Brass

Lately, there’s been a whole lotta of noise around the house and not just due to our kitchen renovation.  With our twin boys practicing their brass instruments and the vinyl records spinning on their turntable, our home has become a symphony of sounds (not all necessarily in tune).  We love music in our home, we always have.  When the boys were infants, listening and dancing to our favorite music was definitely an outlet for the big lifestyle adjustment upon us.  Max and Ben grew accustomed to the tunes of Led Zeppelin, Neko Case, Joao Gilberto, Al Green and Jill Scott from the time they were 6 months old (or maybe younger).  Somewhere along the years they've become intrigued with jazz, and currently, it’s not uncommon to hear the faint sounds of Stan Getz or John Coltrane streaming from the turntable in their room.

Music appreciation at any age can lift one's spirits and deepen one's self awareness of space and time.   I’m really proud of Max and Ben for wanting to learn to play an instrument on their own terms.  I tried for many years to play the guitar.  It may not have worked for me, but nevertheless, I never lost my passion for a good sound.

Have a great weekend!  What will YOU be listening to?

I would like to take this opportunity to send a HUGE thank you to everyone that has nominated Cocoon Home as a favorite Home Design/Inspirational Blog on Apartment Therapy's "The Homie's Awards".  TODAY is the last day to vote for the final nominees.  If you haven’t voted yet and like Cocoon Home Blog please show your support by registering here and voting here.  Spread the word and thanks again!

Kitchen Renovation: Part 1

This Monday our kitchen renovation began.  The somewhat confined space, featuring 3 different counter heights and an island at which not even a child could sit comfortably was demolished to reveal a more spacious area.  The kitchen and dining room areas will be reworked so that cooking, eating and entertaining will become effortless.  We are, of course, preserving the wood valances that are typical of so many mid-century homes, removing a center wall (complete with paneled door pass-through) and repurposing as much of the redwood as possible.   Take a look at Part 1 of our "Kitchen Renovation" and stay tuned for more project updates.

Our kitchen is literally a main entry into our home.  It is located in the center of the house surrounded by glass walls blending the interior spaces with the exterior courtyards, another major theme in mid-century modern designs.  With the new kitchen layout, this connection to the outside will be even greater and also ensure a more welcoming entrance.  I'm truly excited!

Thus far, this has been quite the week!  With our kitchen project getting underway and the wonderful support my blog has been receiving on Apartment Therapy's The Homies Awards, I must admit to being overwhelmed at times.  If you haven't voted yet and like Cocoon Home Blog please show your support by registering here and voting here.  Thank you all SO much!