Scenes From New York City

buidlings psd We just returned from the East coast where we visited family and friends in both New York and New Jersey.  The timing for this trip was perfect.  The air was chilly but not frigid, the trees were still holding on to their Fall colors and signs of the coming holidays were all around us in a typically flamboyant NYC style.  Being back home feels really good and realizing that we got to spend precious time with people we love feels even better.  Here are a few images from this past weekend:


radio cityIMG_8941 taxis psd

light psd

Slow Parenting In A Routined World

Slow Parenting  

Summer has officially ended.  With the start of school this week, our calendar is quickly filling up with volunteering obligations, after school activities and doctor appointments.  While I enjoyed  our  non-scheduled summer, I must confess experiencing a moment of panic a few days ago.  This happened as I was learning all about the amazing camps my children's friends attended this summer.  Our children didn't go to any!  Granted we did travel up and down the New England coast during July, but for the rest of the summer we stayed pretty local and took each day as it came.  We camped out some, hiked some, we ventured into the city some, went swimming some and entertained friends some.  Some days we just stayed home and enjoyed being lazy. Granted, my work allows for a flexible schedule, but l still prefer to keep our days as free of routine as I do during the school year.  I limit sports and other activities to the degree that the kids don't feel over-scheduled and I am not running/driving around like a harried maniac.  At times, I wonder if my "slow it down" approach to parenting is inhibiting my kids' experiences, and whether they are able to keep up socially and physically with the children that are involved in more activities.  I guess time will tell.

Managing time and maintaining a feasible routine no matter how many children in one's family, can be challenging and difficult for any parent.  How much is too much and how little is too little.  I would love to hear how other parents handle the demands of a "routined world".

This could be the beginning of an interesting dialogue, don't you think?