Fashion Meets Its Match: Etro

This post is inspired by a few of my most recent fashion and interior design obsessions.  The first being Etro, the Italian design house that's known for its color and pattern combinations.  Its spring and fall collections have my heart beating faster.  The other is Commune, an LA based design firm that represents,  in my mind,  the quintessential California style.  (Yes, California is still on my mind).  Take a peek at a few of my favorite interiors matched up with some of my favorite fashion looks.

My favorite interior is the Catalina street living room, I love how its retro feel was achieved with comfortable modern design.  My favorite outfit is the one paired with the Catalina street sitting room.  Roomy trousers topped with a patterned sheer blouse.

I almost forgot, here's one more fashion match.  The interior is America Dural's  and the fashion is by Dior.

Ok now,  which one is your favorite?