Black And White Stripes/Chapter II

Now that my mother-in-law moved into her new home (which I'll reveal soon), she finally realized her plans to reupholster her sofas in a black and white striped fabric.   The outcome was even better than I imagined.  By incorporating bright colors and combining patterns and textures, her living room took on both a cozy and interesting flavor.  Ever since I saw her reupholstered sofas (pictured above), I've been collecting images that reflect what a versatile role black and white stripes can play in a space.  At times, their structured pattern bring together different furniture styles in a room; at others, they may add a touch of sophistication or even whimsy.  Take a look at some examples:

In the living room above, the striped rug brings together an eclectic furniture mix.  Below, I like the juxtaposition of the bedding stripes with the free form art on the wall.


Black and white stripes on a classic chair bring a touch of funk to the space above.

Black and white stripes can enhance even the boldest of colors.

Basically, aesthetic preferences aside, I believe that white and black stripes can complement any decorating style.