'Til Monday: Rainy Days Are Good

Sometimes a rainy day is just what one needs to either slow down or get things done that were previously neglected.  Hubby and I are doing just that.  We're taking advantage of this very damp day to prep for our next Saturday's yard sale.  This rainy day task turned out to be quite a walk down memory lane.  Some of the stored boxes had not been opened since our move 5 years ago, others held photos, letters and memorabilia from past travels,  younger times and other homes.  The process was slow, both emotional and comical and we'll keep plugging along.

If you're not up to your knees in boxes, deep into a book you've been trying to finish, or tackling an overdue project, take a peek at some of my new favorite links and let me know what you think.

Dearest Nature

Emma Dime

Justina Blakeney

transito incial

A rainy day image.

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Enjoy your day!