Moving Mode: Our Patio Set Gets A New Home

One of the hottest, most coveted items at last weekend's yard sale was our patio set.  The new owners strategically packed all three pieces into their small car and quickly proceeded to set them up for future lounging and entertaining at their place. Take a look at it now:  I just love it with the large back cushions and the mixed pillow patterns!

Thanks C.S. for sharing these photos with us.

If you bought something at our yard sale that looks like it always belonged in your home, please send pictures and I'll happily blog about it..

Moving Mode: Yard Sale Highlights

Yesterday's yard sale was a huge success thanks to everyone who dropped by!!!  It began with a large crowd of serious shoppers, some drove up on motorcycles,  others proudly showed off their purchases in original Cocoon shopping bags.  The kids set up a lemonade stand and did their part in making everyone feel welcomed and hydrated.  The bromeliads and potted plants were a big hit, and the owl oil that I fretted about at one point will be going to a Maryland farmhouse.

The day felt more like an ongoing celebration with friends and blog readers stopping by to wish us well on our soon to be embarked on adventure.

A special thanks to H. & K. for all their help and especially for their friendship!

(Stay tuned to find out what happened to our patio set).

Yard Sale: Take A Sneak Peek At A Few Of The Items Up for Grabs!

A pedestal table,  pillows, dining chairs, suede boots, an outdoor sofa and chairs, wall shelves, dishes and an oak dresser are just a few of the items being offered at this Saturday's yard sale.  This should give  you a pretty good idea that it will be like no other sale you've ever been to, so you just have to make it !!!  Click here for more information.  

See you there!