Botanical Inspiration: 2012's Popular Planter

tree branch planted with bromeliads

While visiting the Botanical Garden in DC  last week, I was impressed with how tree limbs, roots and trunks were used as planters.  Throughout the glass houses, these natural vessels planted with bromeliads, mosses, ferns and succulents were just as much a part of the exhibit as the towering palms and the ancient medicinal plants.   As much as I love terrariums, I'm seriously considering woodland planters and can't wait to implement them in our place.  Take a look at some of them and  see how they inspired a center piece for a New Year's Eve dinner table.

Viewing the woodland planters inspired  a center piece for a dinner party we attended on New Year's Eve.  Walking in the woods behind our friends' house I found 2 fallen tree limbs and lots of moss. I  gently pushed chunks of moss inside their crevices and added extra votives to carry the woodland theme to my friends' holiday table.

Next time you're taking a walk in the woods, keep an eye out for fallen branches and tree trunks that may serve as potential planters and centerpieces!