Decisions, Decisions: Womb Chair Fabric Reveal (Part 2)

Our once bright yellow Saarinen Womb Chair is now a dusty rose!   It's the perfect color to compliment our brick walls and the greenish tint concrete floors that make our home so unique.  I'm delighted with its new look and impressed with the craftsmanship demonstrated in reupholstering this mid-century gem.  Take a look:

With a new coffee table and our favorite (now pink) chair back in the house, it's almost time for the living room reveal.  Stay tuned.

Many thanks to the folks at Klassik Living for undertaking the amazing transformation.

Decisions, Decisions: A Fabric Change

 Our yellow Saarinen Womb Chair that once sat perfectly in our Cambridge house now looks awkward among our California color palette of blues, greens and pinks.  In order for one of our favorite chairs to "fit in", a fabric change is in order.  Starting off with a handful of fabric samples to consider, we narrowed our choice to three favorites.  Take a look at the contenders:

Which one do you think made the cut?  (No pun intended).

1.  Vibrant blue that brings out the cool tones in the rug.

2.  Bold pink to provide a little funk and a pop of color.


3. Dusty rose to complement the brickwork.