Kitchen Renovation: Part 8

Now that the cabinet faces and drawer pulls are in place, the counters installed and the chandelier hung, our renovated kitchen is taking on the look and feel we were hoping for.  A few nights ago, while the kids slept over at Babik's, Alex and I celebrated its near completion.  We originally intended to fill and organize the kitchen cabinets, but instead opted to make a simple meal and get acquainted with the new space over a couple of beers.

We already know that the new kitchen will have a huge impact on our day-to-day living.  Its openness allows for better natural light and a much easier traffic flow.  The dark, cramped 1950's kitchen is no more.  Take a look at how it looks thus far:

Up next comes the hanging of the wallpaper and the island light fixture.  We're still deciding on stools and the dining table, but already have some very exciting prospects.  In the meantime,  I have an eye out for new dinnerware and a much needed runner rug.  Keep posted for more reveals...

Kitchen Renovation: Part 1

This Monday our kitchen renovation began.  The somewhat confined space, featuring 3 different counter heights and an island at which not even a child could sit comfortably was demolished to reveal a more spacious area.  The kitchen and dining room areas will be reworked so that cooking, eating and entertaining will become effortless.  We are, of course, preserving the wood valances that are typical of so many mid-century homes, removing a center wall (complete with paneled door pass-through) and repurposing as much of the redwood as possible.   Take a look at Part 1 of our "Kitchen Renovation" and stay tuned for more project updates.

Our kitchen is literally a main entry into our home.  It is located in the center of the house surrounded by glass walls blending the interior spaces with the exterior courtyards, another major theme in mid-century modern designs.  With the new kitchen layout, this connection to the outside will be even greater and also ensure a more welcoming entrance.  I'm truly excited!

Thus far, this has been quite the week!  With our kitchen project getting underway and the wonderful support my blog has been receiving on Apartment Therapy's The Homies Awards, I must admit to being overwhelmed at times.  If you haven't voted yet and like Cocoon Home Blog please show your support by registering here and voting here.  Thank you all SO much!